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Boost Your Business Productivity with Microsoft Office 365!
Microsoft Office 365 is powered by the cloud solution, which enables users despite the size of the company or organization access all used applications. This includes but is not limited to e-mails, calendars, video conferences and commonly used documents and files.
Remain flexible with BTT Cloud!
BTT Cloud is a simple and effective solution for a dynamic IT infrastructure based on cloud computing. With BTT Cloud we can help you turn regular work places into virtual ones, allowing access to your work computer from any other device that has an Internet connection.
Trust us with Your IT infrastructure management!
Regularly serviced IT ensures productive business performance and higher business results. We are flexible to offer the subscription-based IT support level in accordance with your specific needs. Our clients choose full support of their IT or management of particular infrastructure (computers, servers, networks).
Expand Your business possibilities with BTT Hybrid Cloud!
Depending on your company size and needs it is possible to choose private or public cloud computing solution. Nonetheless, in certain cases the optimal solution is the so-called Hybrid cloud which delivers the ideal mix of agility and cost effectiveness.
First Tuesday Bergen was organized in collaboration with BTT Group. CEO of the company Donatas Zaveckas shared his experience on cloud solutions and how it can help companies to create more value faster.
On 26th of October a number of business representatives took part in the BTT and partners event "International IT Projects & Trade Conference".
Together with our partners Also Lietuva we made a contribution to the festival of adoptive families, which was traditionally organized by the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service.
BTT Group was announced as one of the 6 finalists on “German Economy Awards, 2016“, got the most votes in online voting contest and won a special marketing prize from Žinių Radijas.
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