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BTT Cloud Benefits

  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs. Pay only for what you use

You no longer need to invest in technical equipment, pay for operation and maintenance or predict the needs of growing business. With BTT Cloud, the whole software infrastructure can be purchased as a service with minimal upfront spending. Our clients are billed monthly and the payments are based on demand. Use the saved money for your business growth. 

  • Connect to your workplace from any device that has Internet access

BTT Cloud ensures data availability and the ability to process it from any equipment that is connected to the Internet. Thus you are able to use, manage, work and store your applications and data here and now.

  • Take advantage of faster performance

Often due to the limited capabilities of your computer your work can slow down. In this case, it is not the processor speed or other technical data of your computer, but the Internet speed, which determines the efficiency of your work.

  • Flexible solution. Implement your projects and solutions faster

When implementing new projects, it is crucial to make important decisions related to resources, IT resources being not an exception. Acquisition of new IT equipment may be quite expensive and its adapting take longer than planned. Conversely, implementation of Cloud computing services usually takes less than one hour. It enables you to avoid the risk of losing your money and carrying out the scheduled work not on time.

  • Opportunity to respond to changes faster and reduce business risk

Nowadays the business environment is very dynamic and changing, thus you have to be prepared to respond to any changes. However, each investment in innovations is risky and does not always meet expectations. Cloud computing enables you to try, create and work without considerable investment, consequently reducing business risk.

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