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IT market is extremely dynamic. Almost every day we can hear of new products launched and innovative solutions provided in the market, making it easy to get lost in the demanding field of expertise. 

We are ready to offer you comprehensive IT consultations in order to ensure that your company's IT is operated efficiently and chosen IT solutions are optimal. 

Our professional consultations include but are not limited to IT disaster recovery and business continuity plan, IT audit, Cloud computing solutions, etc.


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IT Audit

IT audit performed by our experienced consultants will assess your IT infrastructure condition and estimate if your company's IT is operating at optimal efficiency. 

While performing IT audit, we strive to evaluate the state, reliability, efficiency, safety faults and management of your IT. As a result, our experienced team of IT professionals are able to make recommendations for security, technical and operational issues as well as consult regarding the optimization of your IT according to the best practice.

The said recommendations are crucial when defining your IT policies and long-term strategy. Besides, this is necessary for planning essential IT infrastructure changes and implementation of new IT solutions. Finally, we recommend IT audit during merger and acquisition processes or changes in top management of the company or organization.

Contact our consultants if you:

  • are not confident about your company's e-mail and data security 
  • seek to optimize the efficiency of your IT 
  • want to compare the current situation with the best practice and get expert advice

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

IT disaster recovery and business continuity plan is a must in any organization regardless of the size. During a crisis restoring critical IT infrastructure may require time and unexpected investments. 

In order to avoid this it is recommended to create IT policies, define critical processes and potential risk in advance. That may be a difficult and time consuming task, therefore we offer our professional expertise in creating a continuity plan determining backup strategy and designed to avoid data loss. 

Contact our consultants if:

  • your company or organization does not have Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
  • no backups are made to restore your data

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