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IT Security Solutions

Regardless of your organization size, the challenges of IT security are constantly increasing in line with technology progress. These challenges and dangers may interrupt your activities and result in loss of the valuable company data. 

BTT Group security specialists will evaluate your company's IT security status and determine main risks that could interrupt your business. We will advise you on how to manage organizational (documentation, processes, policy, organizational structure) and technology (software, hardware, physical security measures) information security measures, referred to as Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Contact our consultants if:

  • you seek to protect one of the most valuable components of your business, i.e. information 
  • the critical business processes of your organization are not identified and described 
  • data backups are not made or they are made irregularly 
  • you wish to protect your e-mail from spam and viruses

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Virtualization of servers

According to statistics, 85% of enterprises use only 15% of the available hardware capabilities. This happens due to inappropriate IT system design and selection of IT solutions that do not match the needs of the company. 

Facing IT problems enterprises frequently tend to buy additional hardware instead of just making changes in existing system design and architecture. Thus, company’s resources are wasted. 

We offer virtualization using VMware and Hyper-V technologies, which allows more efficient use of your existing hardware resources and easy integration into BTT Cloud services.

Contact our consultants if you:

  • need to decide upon the company's data centre solution 
  • have heard about cloud computing, but you are not sure whether it would be useful to you 
  • want to reduce the cost required to manage servers 

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Rental of IT Equipment

Purchase or upgrade of computer hardware and software may require large investments. In some cases it is worth to rent hardware or software.

Our offer includes rentals of particular IT services, such as e-mail or data storage, or integrated solution, comprising several services and/or products. 

Hardware and software rental solutions are provided to those companies, which are serviced by BTT Group.

Contact our consultants if you:

  • wish to avoid large investment for your IT sector upgrade
  • look for short-term solution for the optimal price

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Video conference solutions

Video conference solutions are more than a convenient daily tool for various-sized companies, especially those operating in the international market.

Video conference solutions help your employees to transfer video and audio information, consequently, enabling cost saving for business trips.

Video conferencing also secures efficient use of human resources and development of relations with business partners.

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